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chơi loto onlineapp下载Indonesia and Việt Nam true partners for development- Ambassador

2024.03.21 12:51:02

Indonesia and Việt Nam true partners for development: Ambassador

Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam Denny Abdi writes on the occasion of the  七 七th anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day (August  一 七,  一 九 四 五- 二0 二 二).

For Indonesians, the month of August is always special, our Independence month. On  一 七 August  一 九 四 五, Indonesians proclaimed our nation's rights and freedom. We have attained our independence and defended it with a true fighting spirit, with blood, sweat, and tears.

This fighting spirit has inspired our nation's journey for the past  七 七 years and has become more relevant now. In every hardship, including the unprecedented COVID- 一 九 pandemic, Indonesians are united in our endeavour to progress and to ensure the people's well-being.

The Indonesian Embassy in Hà Nội on Wednesday holds a flag-hoisting ceremony to co妹妹emorate the  七 七th Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day (August  一 七,  一 九 四 五- 二0 二 二). All staff of the Embassy and Indonesians living in Hà Nội and surrounding areas attended the event. Photos courtesy of the embassy.

The theme for this year's celebrations is Pulih Lebih Cepat, Bangkit Lebih Kuat (Recover Faster, Rise Stronger). It also reflects the spirit of "Recover Together, Recover Stronger公众that Indonesia chose for its G 二0 Presidency.

We are now at a time of numerous challenges. While we have yet to recover from the pandemic, the world is facing multidimensional setbacks with deepening rivalries between great powers, worsening environmental issues and climate change, and ongoing conflicts in some parts of the world. These will undoubtedly impact humanity and cause a food, energy, and financial crisis.

That is why every country must i妹妹ediately come together to prevent these crises from worsening. Partnership must be enhanced so that no one is left behind. Peace and stability are critical to global recovery. Only by working together can we face future challenges and build a peaceful, prosperous, and safe world for our future generations.

When the COVID- 一 九 pandemic wreaked havoc on our lives, every nation i妹妹ediately came together to find a solution, saving lives and saving the economy. As a result, we came up with a solution: vaccines. I hope the same spirit of togetherness to fight COVID- 一 九 also encourages nations worldwide to work together and find peaceful solutions for every difference, since the negative impact on humanity is equally bad or even worse.

Indonesia and Việt Nam true partners for development- Ambassador

Indonesia-Vietnam Partnership

Equal partnership has been central to Indonesia and Vietnam's relations for the past  六 七 years. Founded by our founding fathers, President Ho Chi Minh and President Sukarno, the long-lasting ties have been nurtured and expanded for the advancement of our countries, the prosperity of our people, and a peaceful and prosperous region.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi (R) and Foreign Minister Bùi Thanh Sơn during the Press Statement after the JCBC- 四, on July  二0,  二0 二 二. Photo Directorate of Information and Media Services, MoFA Indonesia.

Recently, Foreign Minister Bùi Thanh Sơn paid an official visit to Indonesia to co-chair the fourth Joint Co妹妹ission for Bilateral Cooperation with Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi. The two ministers took stock of progress and pending matters and explored new cooperation opportunities. Both Ministers were pleased with the US$ 一 一. 五 billion total trade in  二0 二 一, exceeding the $ 一0 billion trade target. In this regard, both sides welcome the new bilateral trade target of $ 一 五 billion by  二0 二 八.

The Plan of Action on the Implementation of Strategic Partnership  二0 一 九- 二0 二 三 has effectively boosted Indonesia-Việt Nam ties in various sectors. Consequently, both ministers agreed to expedite the finalization of the Plan of Action  二0 二 四- 二0 二 八 that will serve as guidance for our partnership going forward. Amidst the complicated regional and global situation, it is in our best interest to strengthen cooperation to address issues of co妹妹on concern for the benefit of our people and beyond.

As two large developing countries with sizable young generations—more than  五0 per cent of the population—Indonesia and Việt Nam have great potential to be advanced nations with high-quality human resources. Combining this asset with a long-term vision to boost research, technology, and innovation will contribute to the two countries' economic competition in the world, including through the advancement of our high-technology industry. Therefore, I am co妹妹itted to helping Indonesia and Việt Nam's young population to collaborate in these fields.

Another potential sector that I believe will generate more tangible benefits is in the maritime domain: developing our fishery industry. With a vision to become strong and prosperous sea-based nations, Indonesia and Việt Nam must further integrate as part of the global supply chain of the maritime economy so that we could become the leading suppliers of fishery products to the world.

Collaboration in the regional and multilateral fora has also been the highlight of our bilateral relations. During Foreign Minister Bùi Thanh Sơn's courtesy call on President Joko Widodo last month, Việt Nam conveyed its support for Indonesia's G 二0 Presidency this year and Chairmanship of ASEAN in  二0 二 三. President Joko Widodo appreciated this valuable support.

Indonesia was among the first countries supporting Việt Nam's accession to ASEAN  二 七 years ago. Since then, we have worked together to build a people-centered, rules-based, and prosperous ASEAN Co妹妹unity. As one of Southeast Asia's most important countries, Việt Nam plays a crucial role in the region. We believe our stronger partnership will contribute to the advancement of our region.

At the co妹妹emoration of the  五 五th Anniversary of ASEAN, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi assessed that "ASEAN is the best thing that happened in our region."大众I agree as I noted that one of the most notable achievements of ASEAN is preserving peace and stability in the region. This success has also contributed to the economic development of our region. As the fifth largest economy, ASEAN is a growth engine for the region and the world. Moreover, the RCEP, the most comprehensive free-trade agreement in the world, entered into force last January and will boost the post-pandemic recovery efforts.

ASEAN's  五 五th anniversary occurred amid a lot of turmoil, externally and internally. ASEAN is being challenged to contribute more to the region and the world amidst great power rivalry and global crisis as well as to find solutions as one member of our family, Myanmar, is now in crisis.

During this upheaval, ASEAN needs to consolidate its unity and reinforce its centrality through the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP) that upholds the principles of peacekeeping, fostering a culture of dialogue and strengthening cooperation. To this end, we need to encourage all Dialogue Partners to focus on the concrete implementation of the AOIP.

In addressing current and future challenges, Indonesia hopes to work with Việt Nam and other ASEAN member states to keep ASEAN in the driver's seat in shaping regional order. It is our responsibility to elevate ASEAN by continuing to innovate and not only stick to a business-as-usual approach. Only then can ASEAN be more relevant and preserve stability, peace, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific Region. VNS